Friday, August 3, 2012


let me tell you, those swiss alps...they don't mess around. even though when we arrived in lucerne it was gloomy and dreary, it was fun to picture what they would look like the next morning. we didn't get that luxury until we ended up in interlaken! we met up with one of our friends, evan. he was over in europe just running marathons and seeing friends. it took us many trains and buses to get there, but we finally did! since it wasn't the best weather, evan just pointed up in the sky where the alps were. lucerne was pretty uneventful but very beautiful!

we all traveled to interlaken. our first day there was rainy which was a bummer but we were still able to explore. we walked around the water and happened upon this abandoned of course we went inside and went to the top. that night we celebrated in club metro-the club that was below our hostel! it was quite an experience...i got pulled into a grind train and some random worker backed it up on meghan. SO FUNNY! the next morning we woke up extra early to go on a hike to lauterbrunnen. About thirty minutes into our hike kyle, becca, evan, and me had to leave because we were going sky diving!!! it was such an unforgettable experience sky diving over the alps. it was insane and such a rush.

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