Sunday, April 24, 2011

(easter) weekend.

this weekend gets an A+, minus the fact the daniel (the prodigal son-that's what my other brother and i like to call him) did not come in town for easter. he was missed. my friends and i celebrated kacey's 21st birthday whoop fun to celebrate with her and friends! my family went to go see the dirty guvs at the bijou-their hometown show. they rocked that place out!! and wayne chism even made an appearance. he loves him some guv'nahs. they know how to put on a show...the lead singer, james, even took a dive into the crowd. i call it that because no one was expecting it, and he ended up on the floor. what i was hoping for a restful easter day was not. i have 2 tests this week and a paper all by wednesday! needless to say i am a little stressed. but only 5 more days of school. cannot wait. but this weekend has made me so excited for summer and a break. thankful for my family and for what easter really is all about, forget the tests and school.
**people always tell me i have bright eyes. see pics 1 & 2.

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