Friday, April 29, 2011


slight change of plans and two posts in one day (crazy)! i'm going to nashville this weekend. i'm sad i won't be at girl talk tonight, BUT i will just jam on the road and close my eyes and pretend that i am at the concert!
i'm going to nashville to watch my brother run the full marathon and some other friends run the half! crazy...i think it is insane that a human can run 26.2 miles. that is 26.2 miles more than i can i run. kidding but really. he and some friends are running the marathon to support two families in the process of adopting some little haitian kids. their organization is one less. the process has been long, and this is a way to help and support the families. i am so excited for him and the families and what their future looks like. bring those babies home! here is a little article about the whole shin dig. and if anyone reading wants to help in anyway read along and find out how! this weekend will be fun for all! cheers to the runners.
-here are some of the runners from the race in knoxville.

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