Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i'm so excited.

i'm so excited for the end of year cookout tonight with my high school friends. i'm so excited for girl talk tomorrow. i'm so excited to back my thing up and party like a rockstar at girl talk tomorrow. i'm so excited for one of my best friend's wedding in june. i'm so excited for the beach with my family. i'm so excited to see t-swift in concert with my biffles. i'm so excited for the familiarity that summer brings. i'm so excited to be reunited with high school friends. (got a glimpse this past weekend) i'm so excited to sleep in ALL the time. i'm so excited for lake days. i'm so excited for road trips.
looks like i gots lots to look forward too! i have a feeling this summer will be amazing and much needed. it will be one of my last summers before i am a real girl and out on my own...but let's not get a head of ourselves!

as jessie spano, from saved by the bell, said...."i'm so excited...i'm so excitteeed....i'm so scared." looking forward to what's next!
see how excited...i'm hiding under kitchen islands excited! (delirious photoshoot with the roommates.)

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