Sunday, April 10, 2011

the weekend.

this weekend didn't go over exactly how it was planned. I did visit family. it was relaxing. but part of it was scary!when my mom and i were visiting my grandmother, a lot of bad storms started coming through. it turns out we were about a mile from where a 'mini' tornado touched down...SCARY! i am scared of storms, so of course i am scared of tornadoes!! other than the scary weather, our visit was very fun. it was full of eating, family, shopping, catching up, laughing, pretty flowers, and playing with dogs. it was all so fun!
i returned home and immediately wanted to start baking! i guess it is a sunday thing. who knows. but i made cake batter rice krispie treats...YUM
MY! they were so good. all in all it was a very good weekend...even with some scary storms.
leavin' you with a picture of a sweet treat...
p.s. i have 3 more full weeks of school! can.not.wait!
p.p.s. my head is going to explode from allergies. oh and my eyes are blood shot. sweet life.

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